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About Us

Corvus Media Solutions is a Veteran-owned and operated Digital Marketing Agency. We focus on driving real, measurable results to our clients, both big and small. 

Digital Marketing is what we love.

If we know one thing, it is that digital marketing is a fantastic force multiplier that can be applied to any business to create explosive growth. We have a deep passion for innovative technology, and internet focused marketing strategies fit right into that arena. That passion is harnessed, and applied to the projects of our clients. 

If you want to kick your business into overdrive, contact us today to learn more about our proven system. We employ a variety of tactics to drive traffic to your website so you can dominate your competition. 

If you are interested in working with us, click the button down below to have us look at how we can improve your digital strategy.

Meet The Founder

Justin Hansen

Overlord and Founder of Corvus Media Solutions, Justin is always staying abreast of changes in the digital marketing realm. Justin began learning digital marketing strategies while still enlisted, applying them to various web projects over the years. He has been stationed in California, Texas, and Washington DC while in the Army. When he isn't working on directing projects for various clients, you can find him volunteering for the Red Cross, hiking, reading, attending various festivals and conventions, or simply exploring local craft breweries.

Headshot of the Founder of Corvus Media Solutions, Justin Hansen