Facebook Advertising for Mortgage Brokers: 5 quick tips 

 August 22, 2018

By  Justin Hansen

Mortgage professionals need a steady flow of leads for their business.

That is an undeniable truth, and it is something that all business owners face. While referrals are the holy grail of leads, often times they don’t come often enough.

Facebook advertising for mortgage brokers is an insanely powerful tool.

Mastering social media, especially Facebook, helps keep the lead flow steady. Here is how it works:

1) Brand Awareness

Without advertising, how will anyone ever know that you are open to do business? You are the best mortage broker in the business, and you excel at ensuring your clients have the best level of service imaginable. But if you are not putting yourself out there, you are really doing yourself a disservice.

Social media is a powerful tool, and putting out content is a key marketing strategy that you need to utilize for your brokerage. In fact, according to Housing Wire, UWM is posed to be the nations number 2 purchase lender.

One of the key pillars of their strategy is leveraging social media.

2) Personalization in Lead Generation

People tend to buy from other people, and that is a well established fact. When you call up a lead, you always do your best to get to know him or her, and tailor the conversation accordingly.

Why shouldn’t your lead generation be similar? If you are utilizing social media to help advertise and generate leads, you put a face to a name, which creates more trust, and a higher chance of a lead to convert into a client.

3) Lead Qualification

Another huge benefit to facebook advertising, and social media marketing in general, is the ability to segment and qualify leads. At the top of the funnel, you can advertise to large quantities of people. But utilizing a solid landing page, and things like quizzes, savvy marketers can help weed out the clients you may not want to work with.

Again, this just goes to show that facebook advertising for mortgage brokers is an incredibly powerful tool that you should put in your toolbelt.

4) Follow Up

Follow up is huge for converting leads into paying clients. Fortunately, social media, and Facebook especially makes this incredibly easy. By implementing chat bots, automated drip follow up email sequences, and other marketing tools, you can really stay top of mind for that prospect.

Facebook Advertising for Mortgage Brokers can be a great way to contact prospects

Even better, using facebook allows you to contact people on messenger, which has a 98% open rate. Try getting that with an email.

5) Sustainability

While it takes some work initially to get a solid funnel in place to leverage social media to it’s fullest potential, with paid advertising, it becomes a sustainable, almost evergreen way to continuously get clients.

And who doesn’t want a semi-autonomous method for inbound leads?

In fact, you can spend more time actually closing deals than prospecting for new ones once you have it set up and running smooth. Facebook advertising for mortgage brokers is an incredibly efficient, and sustainable plan to implement.

Social Media Marketing is something that all businesses should embrace.

In this era, everyone is glued to their phones, absorbed in social media updates. Tweets, posts, and selfies are the new method of communication.

Shouldn’t your business be front and center, leveraging that power?

We think so.

If you want to work with us to make this a reality, click (or tap if on mobile) the button below to get in touch. We would love to help you scale your business with a social media marketing approach that focuses on ROI.

Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen is the Founder of Corvus Media Solutions. When he is not busy working on projects for clients, you can find him spending time with his wife, volunteering with Team RWB, or playing tabletop games with friends. As an Army Veteran, he knows what it means to put in the hard work to get results, and applies that experience to digital marketing.

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