Messenger Chatbots for Real Estate 

 August 20, 2018

By  Justin Hansen

Messenger chatbots are one of the best tools for real estate that you can leverage.

Despite the negative connotations that come along with automation, messenger chatbots are a force multiplier for any real estate professional.


Does this sound familiar? You are killing it on Facebook, making connections with your local market, answering questions in groups, and just being the rockstar that you are. Finally, after a long day, you settle down for the evening, and call it a night.

Of course, business never sleeps, and you get a prospect trying to message you in the middle of the night.

Some people just don’t understand the need for sleep. Trust me, I understand the frustration.

Leads can interact with your bot while you are busy.

No kidding, it is like having an assistant ready to help convert leads 24/7, while you are otherwise busy closing deals, showing homes, or spending time with your family.

We all know speed to the lead is one of the largest defining factors in this business. Messenger bots provide an instant form of response, and can even help nurture leads that may not be ready to convert immediately.

Consider this article by one of the most prominent figures in online marketing today, Neil Patel. According to his research, open rates for Facebook messages are around 88%. Compare this to the average open rate for email, which according to Smart Insights is sitting at a lower 27% for the real estate industry.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the higher open rates.

Chatbots can also help generate leads.

Not only do these nifty little robots help automate your page responses when you are otherwise busy, but they can also be used to find new clients.

Using your chatbot, you can set certain comment triggers to make the bot reach out on your behalf to interested prospects, or embed it on the thank you page of your funnel. Depending on what you have as a lead magnet, you can create a custom sequence of messages that are sent to the prospect.


Facebook lead ads + Messenger Chatbots = Success.

This formula is not only effective, but it tends to help segment different leads into categories. Those who are ready to sell or purchase, those who want to talk to your right now, and those who may need a little bit of extra time to convert.

Your chatbot can intelligently send resources and segment these people, and even help set appointments for you with really hot leads. Using a service like Calendly or Schedule Once, you can link your calendar into these booking pages, and have leads schedule a time to talk to you, no the other way around.

Additionally, if you set your chatbot to interact after the prospect hits the thank you page, you will have captured their information to follow up in person later.

This interaction also helps buy you extra time to get that personal point of contact in with your lead, which we all know is important.

Messenger bots can be an incredibly powerful tool for you to utilize in conjunction with other strategies.

However, like any tool, they are only as effective as the real estate pro that wields them. Nothing will replace a solid follow up strategy, or genuine personal outreach.

We are here to help with that. If you want a partner that provides customized digital marketing solutions to help drive leads to you, build your business, and establish your personal brand. If you want to read more about how we help, click here. However, if you want to work with us, or conversation is just more your style, I highly encourage you to book a call with us.

Before you go, let us know in the comments below…

Do you use a chatbot? Or are you interested to learn more?

Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen is the Founder of Corvus Media Solutions. When he is not busy working on projects for clients, you can find him spending time with his wife, volunteering with Team RWB, or playing tabletop games with friends. As an Army Veteran, he knows what it means to put in the hard work to get results, and applies that experience to digital marketing.

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